Towitta Daiquiri

Ch Pinto mare, 29/10/2006, 14.3hh, ASH 174975

SIRE: Towitta Bailey 
Towitta Bailey 
Just A Boss   Marshdale Boss   Target
Lady Swift
Tanglow   Quicksilver  
Raemur Sunnys Lass   Bamborough Sunny Souvenir   Souvenir  
Bamborough Suntan
Wallanvale Wests Princess    
DAM: Midland Tara 
Midland Tara 
Dorken Mccarron   Comara Chief   Abbey  
One Eye
Dorken Raylene   Ray  
Dorken Snow
Midland Willow   Midland Spinafex 11   Spinifex  
Midland Pall
Midland Hostess   Midland Abergunya

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Progeny Name Colour & Sex Foaling Date Sire Dam
Chalani Sunflare Ch gelding 01/01/1970 Chalani Sunstream 
Chalani Sunstream 
Towitta Daiquiri 
Towitta Daiquiri 
Coleslea Radiant Ch Pinto stallion 24/02/2017 Towitta Daiquiri 
Towitta Daiquiri